Ruby McBlitz Bobble Snowman


Add this cute Ruby McBlitz Bobble Snowman to your holiday decorating and snowman collection. Comes in your choice of hats,stocking or toboggan. Each Ruby McBlitz Bobble Snowman has metal boots trimmed with black, red and white cuffs and metal legs which are attached to a spring to make this snowman bobble. They have red, black and white scarfs trimmed with red fringe. Each one is wearing a pair of mittens. They have 2 black snowflakes on their bellies. Their hats are trimmed with grey and white, they are red, black and white designed. They have black bead eyes, and an orange carrot nose. Each sold separately, along with other décor.  Measures approximately 7.75:W x 20-24"H x 5.75"D

Collections: Christmas

Category: Department 1

Type: Snowman

Country Friends of Ohio

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